Have A House Warming Party

Once you are done with paperwork and decorating, it is time for you to throw a party. Invite all of your family, friends, neighbors that you like, as well as coworkers. Since you probably know a lot of people, be prepared to spend a lot of money on food and drinks. Have a lot of great foods, drinks, and make sure that you have interesting music to play for them while they are at your home. You want them to have a good time in your new home, so show them just what you do when you want to throw a big party. Everyone should have a really good time, and they will remember it for a while.

Hosting a house warming

Clean Up Is A Pain, But A Good Time To Look For Other Things

After the party is over, and your guests leave for the night, you will have to clean up. This is also a good time to look for other things, like any problems with the flooring, or other parts of the home. Take a good look, and jot it all down in a notebook. This way, you can keep track of what needs to be done. You can rearrange your notes later. This is the time to just write it down. Make sure that you note everything, and mark it down so that you can get to it before the problem gets out of hand.

Go Through Your Notes And Organize Them

You should organize all the notes that you took when you went through your home. They should be written down in order of importance. If any of the jobs need someone else to assist you, mark that down to, and when you need to call them by. You want to make sure that they have appointments with you so that there won’t be too many people coming into the home at the same time, trying to work in the same area.

relaxing after moving in

Get Some Rest And Relaxation

When you move, you barely have time to breathe, let alone rest and relax, but this is what you are going to do now. After all that you have done to get your home in order, it is time to just relax and rest. Watch a movie, or listen to the radio. Do anything that you can just sit and rest. The very best thing would be to get some needed sleep.

It is a process moving into a new home. Once you get through it all, you are more than glad to call that new place your home. You are attached already to it and you will do anything to protect it.

A home, after all, is your protection from the elements, so you have to treat it good too.